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Planting and Care Guide
A general guideline on how to plant a plant, how to water, and general care to keep your plant healthy over time.
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Citrus Care
Information on watering, pruning, and troubleshooting for Citrus.
Citrus Care.docx
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Fruit Tree Care
A basic guide to caring for deciduous fruit trees.
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How to Run Your Drip System
A guide on how often and how long to run your drip system.
How to Run Your Drip System.docx
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                  "A full service nursery in an old ranch setting."

Welcome to Cagliero Ranch Nursery! We are a family owned, independent nursery located in Hemet, California. We have been serving the planting needs of Hemet since 2003. Thank you for stopping by our website!

Featured Plants

Single trunk Crape Myrtle trees.
Single trunk Crape Myrtle trees.

Crape Myrtles are a great choice if you want a flowering tree here in the valley. They bloom all summer, and are drought tolerant once established. They are good for small yards, as most don't reach more than 20 feet tall and wide. They don't require much pruning, and generally are easy to grow. They are available in shades of white, red, pink, and purple. We have a selection of nice Crape Myrtles in stock now.

Multi-trunk Crape Myrtles.
Multi-trunk Crape Myrtles.